Dating Scam Format Question And Answer

A dating scam is an online relationship between two people who don’t know each other well. These two individuals will pretend to be a friend of the other’s, but this is a common technique used by con artists to make money off of other people. In a question and answer format, the person answering the question will usually tell you about himself or herself, and try to win the trust of the other person by revealing details about themselves. Then, he or she will ask for money to escape the abusive home he/she has.

In the dating scam format, both parties will try to woo you into sharing personal information. They’ll try to entice you to exchange money or gifts. However, the money will just go to a malicious entity. Some of these people will offer to provide you with more information, such as fake Instagram profiles or Facebook profiles. This will lead to identity theft and financial fraud. To avoid falling victim to a dating scam, be wary of the question and answer format.

Whether the person you’re dating has the genuine intent or not, asking a few questions will give you a better idea about who he/she is. While dating is a fun and meaningful experience, some scammers will try to avoid a question and answer format in order to escalate the flirtation and romance. When it comes to dating, it’s important to be cautious and protect yourself from being cheated.